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I recently booked in for a video stroke analysis session with Patricia Baker at Swimwell (www.swimwell.com.au). Pat videoed me from all angles, including underwater, while I was swimming freestyle. And then we sat down and looked at the footage on her laptop and she gave me the bad news.

There’s no easy way to admit this: My freestyle stroke is appalling. Arms and hands crossing in front of my head rather than being out in line with my shoulders. Hands tilting inwards as they enter the water – and entering the water way too far in front of me. Elbows not high enough in the recovery position. Right forearm really flat as I pull through the water. It’s no wonder I’m still getting shoulder and neck pain when I train.

Happily it wasn’t all completely embarrassing. Pat said my leg and hip position in the water was OK. So it’s just my top half that’s crap.


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