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The scene at the race starting areaThis year has been a good one for me swimming-wise.
I found a target to aim for: competing in the 43rd annual Waikiki Roughwater Swim on 3 September. Putting in the entry form was the easy bit. Even the training was mostly OK. The hardest part was getting from the hotel to the starting line (oh my god, what was I thinking?
3.8 kilometres!).


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Wooden chest as it was when I bought itIn June last year I came across a fantastic second-hand store in a small town called Tarrington, near Hamilton in Victoria. One of those places crammed with a mess of old stuff you could spend hours sifting through. My best find was a wooden chest, probably dating back to the 1860s or thereabouts.

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Over the years I’ve sewn more clothes than I can remember. I’ve been through that phase of making dresses using old 50s and 60s patterns bought in op shops. I’ve made complicated coats using old-school tailoring methods and I’ve whipped up very sloppy outfits in a few hours just so I could wear them that night. I really love putting effort into special projects – the ones where the pattern grabs you or the fabric is gorgeous or what you’re making is just the thing your wardrobe needs right now (I’m thinking that trench coat I finished last week). Sometimes I go for ages sewing nothing at all. At other times it’s back-to-back projects.

When I get bored with sewing I look around for furniture to restore. Unfortunately it’s getting harder to find quality, solid timber pieces in op shops and second-hand stores. And anything people dump on nature strips these days is pretty much Ikea-type junk. But right now I’ve got 3 jobs lined up. So I reckon that’ll keep me happy for a while.

I want this blog to be a place where I document my projects. There’s only a sketchy outline in my head right now of how it should look. I guess I’ll just let it develop naturally as I go. We’ll see …

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